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Now we're following a new adventure, which involves a 45 foot motorcoach, homeschool, and as many ski slopes as we can go down in one year.

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23 May 2011

Maida's Big Month

This month Maida had an end of the year preschool program and also an end of the year dance recital. She was very excited about both of these things and did a GREAT job making us proud!

Preschool Program...

After they sang songs and played a slideshow from the past year, they had an ice cream social for all of the students and their families.

Maida had two preschool teachers, Ms. Jessica and Ms. Tiffany. They told me at the program that they always called Maida, "Pickle," because during one of the first weeks of school, Maida had noticed that they were calling her sweetheart. She asked them, "Why do you always call me sweetheart?" and Ms. Jessica replied, "Well, what would you like me to call you? Pickle?!" So, that became her nickname.

Beckett's mom and I helped each other out on preschool mornings by one of us running Beckett and Maida into preschool and the other one sitting in the car with the siblings. It worked out great because I really didn't want to haul all three kids in and out of preschool in the freezing cold.

Maida's first dance recital...
Maida was a robot for her very first dance recital. She looked so cute in her little blue and white tutu! She felt so beautiful and fancy with her hair up and make up on. I'm not quite sure if she was actually nervous for the performance, or just really really really excited.
In the middle of the show, they stopped the music and made an announcement that all of us had to go into the basement because there was a tornado moving through. I couldn't believe how many people how many people had to get packed into the basement and how big the basement of the school was! We sat down there for about an hour and then they were able to finish the show.

Klaasen was very antsy! He wanted to GO GO GO!

Maida's main teacher's name was Melissa.

The teacher that helped Melissa was Laurie.

Ellie, one of the older dancers who helped Maida on stage, made Maida's day by giving her a gift!

We bought Maida a rose as a "congratulations." She was so excited to get her very first flower!

Dance recitals wear Daddies out!

07 May 2011

Medical School Graduation

He did it! Erik graduated from medical school!!! I am SO proud of him. I keep looking at him and saying, "I can't believe you are a DOCTOR!!!" It's such a great accomplishment. Until you go through medical school (or are married to someone who goes through medical school), you have absolutely no idea what all is involved and exactly how hard it is.

Erik gave one of the graduation speeches and did such a great job! He's a natural! I tried to upload the speech to the internet, but apparently the file is too big and I'm unable to.

If you want to see pictures from graduation, I have put them all here.

04 May 2011

Maida's Fourth Birthday

Maida's birthday fell on a great day this year! Not only did she get to celebrate her birthday at preschool, but at dance class, too. She loved picking out treats for her friends and felt really special when she got to wear her birthday crown. After a full day of celebration, we took Maida to Chucky Cheese's for dinner! She told us on the way home that, "This was the BEST day of my life!!!"

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