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Now we're following a new adventure, which involves a 45 foot motorcoach, homeschool, and as many ski slopes as we can go down in one year.

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31 August 2014

August in Pictures, Part 1: Arriving in Florida

For the whole month of August, Erik was scheduled for a rotation down in Jacksonville, Florida.  The kids and I jumped at the chance to go with him.  We decided to drive so that we would be able to bring along everything we would need.  Our new van was the perfect ride, we could even see out the back window with everything packed in perfectly.
 We left in the evening and drove all night while the kids slept.  Erik and I are really good at switching off and on so that neither or us get too tired.

Breakfast in the morning after driving all night!
We arrived in Georgia shortly after lunch time.  We stopped there at my cousin, Kerry's house, where the kids went swimming in his pool!  It was so nice to stretch out and let the kids run and play after being in the car for so long.  We spent one night there.

Big, weird-looking bugs that we don't have in Minnesota!

 The next morning we went to church with my aunt and uncle and then took the kids to an air force museum where they had a lot of the old jets!  Next time we go, we'll spend more time there because we didn't get to see everything.

We left Georgia in the afternoon and planned to arrive in Florida after dinner time.  The trip went smoothly and we were there before we knew it!  That first night we stayed in a hotel because our condo was not ready, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  That next morning when Erik went to work, the kids and I went exploring!
We met a really nice turtle.  He was HUGE compared to the turtles we see in Minnesota!

We also found some spiky balls that the kids thought it was fun to collect.  We don't see these in Minnesota, either!

We also went for our first swim in the hotel swimming pool!

The next morning we moved into our condo.  It was gorgeous and HUGE!  We had three bedrooms, living room, dining room/kitchen, laundry room, two bathrooms, and lots of closets.  Here's a picture tour.
dinging room/kitchen



hallway to bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry

Maida's room (the other bedroom where the boys slept was identical to this one)

hall closet


master bedroom with a king size bed and crib
one of the bathrooms

coffee bar  :)

The cleaning ladies left out some wineglasses for us and note that told us to toast to the grand occasion of moving into our new condo!

All the towels were folded like this!  I didn't want to use them, they looked so pretty.

On our way to the pool, we caught a tiny frog!

Our condo on the left, a river on the right

our walk to the pool (on the left)

01 August 2014

Pictures from July, Part 2

Between a trip to Oklahoma and a trip to camp, July was filled with swimming lessons, soccer games, tennis lessons, and t-ball.
Torsten and Maida trying to stay warm at a very cold soccer game.

A church from Chicago came to help our church out for a short mission trip.  We housed  three high school boys, which my kids loved!

One of my good friend's sweet babies!
 A couple days after the kids and I got back from Oklahoma, we packed up again and went camping!  We stopped at a cool army museum and did some touristy things in some small mining towns of Northern Minnesota.

When Erik was in high school, this exact tree sliced his arm open and he had to get stitches. He enjoyed telling us about this memory while we were at Side Lake swimming (the camp ground we were staying at's beach).

We only got to swim for a few minutes because a storm was brewing and moved very quickly over the lake.

After tent camping for a night, we went on further to spend a few days at family camp at the church camp Erik and I grew up going to.  It was so fun to go back with our kids!

It was Klaasen's birthday, so he opened presents at the bottom of the sandpit where we had a picnic lunch.

On a family hike

When we got back, our garden had exploded with lots of yummy treats for us!

We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and in retrospection.”
~Anais Nin