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Now we're following a new adventure, which involves a 45 foot motorcoach, homeschool, and as many ski slopes as we can go down in one year.

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27 April 2015

Mother Daughter Retreat 2015 - FPYC

Our congregation was in charge of hosting the Mother Daughter Retreat at our church camp this year!  I ended up being in charge of a lot of things and that's always a dangerous position for Miss Type A to be in.  The weekend was great, but several things didn't turn out like planned and that's always so hard for me to get over.  Since returning home from the retreat, though, I have been contacted by several who were touched by one thing or another over the weekend, which is really good to hear.  We chose the theme "All the King's Daughters," and talked a lot about our royal family and how our happily ever after is in Heaven with our prince, Jesus.  Our preacher's wife Patti spoke.  She just lost her 31 year old daughter to cancer, so she had a lot of emotional and personal lessons to share.  It was a wonderful encouragement to hear such a strong christian woman talk.

 While Maida and I were at the Mother Daughter Retreat, Erik had the weekend off and kept the boys!  This was so so so very special because these boys don't get much time with their daddy!

After we got home on Sunday, Erik read bedtime stories to the kids.  This is also something very special because he is hardly ever around at bedtime!

Then we quickly put the kids in bed so we could watch our current Netflix addiction, Breaking Bad!

24 April 2015

2nd Grade Wax Museum - Rosa Parks

This year the second grade put on a wax museum.  Each student was to pick a person to resemble in the wax museum.  The students researched these people and wrote reports on these people.  Maida chose Rosa Parks.  I bought her a stack of books off of Amazon, which she read through in no time!  She wrote a marvelous report and really took true pride in being able to represent such a noble character.  

A couple days before the museum, we dyed Maida's hair brown!

The night before we took her to the Rosa Parks Pavillion where Maida proudly wanted her picture taken with Rosa Parks!

The day before the wax museum, the school decided that Maida could no longer wear her tan makeup as we had planned.  Maida was extremely upset about this, as were we.  We met with the school leaders, but they wouldn't budge on the issue.   The morning of, Maida woke up and declared that she would like to wear her makeup, anyway, because that's what Rosa Parks would do.  We supported her in this decision, explaining to her that she would have to take any consequence that came of her actions.  She understood.

Our Rosa Parks in full make up!

Maida's Rosa Parks display!  She wanted to be looking out the bus window, so the bus window was a last-minute midnight creation, but turned out pretty good.

The second graders did an amazing job representing so many great people!  The costumes were great!  Maida wore her make up proudly and to our surprise, there was no consequence for disobeying the school's ruling.

12 April 2015

Maida's First Just for Kix Performance - Surf's Up

The night before the big show, Maida FREAKED out.  This wasn't a surprise to us, since Maida has a breakdown before she does anything new.  However, this was different.  She wasn't just over-thinking the situation or worrying about unnecessary things, but she really truly could not remember any of her performance.  Thankfully, we have the best of friends.  My friend Whitney videoed her daughter Hailey doing the dance and they sent it to us so that Maida could re-learn it.
Maida practiced with Hailey's YouTube video several times that night and all morning the next morning.  The performance ended up going well and as we were driving home Maida said, 
"I don't know why I was freaking out last night.  I should have just stopped crying and screaming, took a deep breath, and tried to remember it.  I don't even think I TRIED to remember it!  I was just so sure that I had forgotten it."

Ha, that's my drama queen Maida for you!

We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and in retrospection.”
~Anais Nin