Welcome to the Scharrer family's real life story! Most of our story is written for, and about, our four kids and the spice they add to our lives. It's our story of happiness, craziness, and sometimes ridiculousness. We've journaled through childbirth, the terrible two's, private school (and our public school experience), an autism diagnosis, medical school, residency, and long-term mission work in Africa.

Now we're following a new adventure, which involves a 45 foot motorcoach, homeschool, and as many ski slopes as we can go down in one year.

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24 June 2011

Wow, what a time!

The last few weeks since graduation have been so busy! Not only have we had family visiting from out of town, gone to several weddings, and traveled across the country (and beyond), but we had a huge successful garage sale, went to the zoo, and totally cleaned and moved everything out of our house to get it ready for renters who are moving in tomorrow. We also tried to purchase a house, but didn't get the actual purchasing underway with a corrupted mortgage company, and now have the threats of being sued by the sellers and their realtor. We are currently homeless and Erik has started residency already, so the pressure is on to find another place suitable for our family while also dodging hurtful threats of a lawsuit that really shouldn't amount to anything except a lot of extra stress (as if residency isn't stressful enough, already!). In the midst of a time that could be very stressful, I have found the little (and big!) things to be thankful for that have kept me happy and joyful. I am very thankful for my parents for taking the kids for me for almost two weeks. I'm thankful for them letting me borrow their truck. I'm so thankful for an awesome realtor who has supported us and stood by us through the yuck we went through and has offered us a place to stay until we find another. I'm thankful for my cousin, Michael, who has allowed us to use his knowlege of the law to protect us against any fear of getting sued. I'm thankful for Erik who doesn't ever get stressed and is willing to go above and beyond to make me and the kids his utmost importance. I am thankful for my children who laugh and smile, even in the worst of times, that remind me to be happy no matter what.

Some pictures from the past month...

Our niece, Kinley, when she was visiting in May. Isn't she precious?

Aunt Karlie reading a book to Maida and Klaasen

Getting ready for the garage sale. Our house was the jackpot for anyone looking for baby clothes!

A very dirty Klaasen playing with Daddy. I never would have let Maida or Skogen play in the dirt at this age or sit bare-legged on the garage floor. It's amazing how things change with your third child!

Como Zoo, such a wonderful stress-free day spent together as a family.

One of the wedding dances. Maida is a party animal! Skogen and Klaasen both had no problem falling asleep ON the dance floor (yes, ON the dance floor!), but Maida could dance all night!

Enjoying a birthday package from Aunt Susie and fam of silly glasses and moon sand

Skogen giving Klaasen a ride in the wagon. We are going to miss our backyard and all of the hours we normally spend there in the summertime. (Hoping to get another backyard very soon!!!)

We built two new flowerbeds in our front yard. Skogen was Daddy's big helper!

More stories and pictures to come from a weekend trip I took with my college friends to a wedding in Dallas, and also from a surprise get-away Erik planned for just the two of us, in celebration of my golden birthday...

14 June 2011

Until I have time to catch up on our life, here is a video from last weekend! Our little baby is going to be walking soon!

We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and in retrospection.”
~Anais Nin