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Now we're following a new adventure, which involves a 45 foot motorcoach, homeschool, and as many ski slopes as we can go down in one year.

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03 November 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015 started out with a fun run!  Skogen and Klaasen participated in the city's kid run.  Everyone was encouraged to dress up, so Skogen and Klaasen went as Batman and Robin.

I was a slight bit nervous about Skogen losing Klaasen in the big crowd of kids and then Klaasen getting off the path, but Skogen was a great brother and stayed next to him most of the run.
They were so excited to get medals!  

Halloween was especially fun because Aunt Nancy and cousins Sarena and Natalie were here, along with Bumpa and Grandma!  We had a great time making some yummy Halloween food!
Pumpkin Patch
Eye Balls
Spider Dip

The kids had an awesome time making a gingerbread haunted house...until it got too much on it and fell down.

This year the kids chose to be Star Wars characters!  Maida was Princess Leia, Torsten was Yoda, Skogen was Darth Vader, and Klaasen was a Storm Trooper!

We only trick-or-treated our small neighborhood, so the kids didn't get way too much candy like they normally do. It was perfect!
We had caramel apples to finish off the night and Maida's belly looked five months pregnant from all the junk food!!

Here are our Halloween through the years....

Maida through the years...

Skogen through the years...

Klaasen through the years...

Torsten through the years...

01 November 2015

October 2015 in Pictures

Skogen finished up basket ball for the fall.
My niece came to stay with us for a while and she convinced me to paint our rental house!  The entire living room, kitchen, and dining room were mustard yellow.  It was a great choice to change it up!
We took my niece out for seafood!  She hates seafood and Erik was convinced that he would change her mind about it.... he didn't.

Maida and Skogen had a Walk to School Day that we all participated in!

While my niece was staying with us, Erik sent her and I on a little trip (more to come later....) and he kept the kids.  It was so wonderful to get away and it looks like the kids had a great time while we were gone. too!

We finally got all of our house projects done at the old house and sold it the first day that it was one the market!  God is so good!!!

Erik took the boys up to church camp for a Father Son Retreat!

They had SO much fun learning how to camp in the woods when you don't have a tent!
And learning how to build a fire when you don't have matches!

And of course they had a great time fellowshiping with other fathers and sons.

While the boys were away, Grandma came up for a girls weekend!

We took Maida up to the cities to go to a Junie B. Jones play!

And we took her to the coffee shop we've been wanting to try!

I was able to go eat lunch at school with Maida, which was a lot of fun.  It was good to meet her friends so that I can put a face to the name when she talks about them.

Maida started taking online piano lessons!  She picked it up quickly and loved it!!

Klaasen had his kindergarten screening.

And it went well, so we celebrated with a family night and Dairy Queen!

We had a lot of rain.  One day when Maida forgot her umbrella, Klaasen walked it all the way to the door of the school for her so that she didn't have to get wet!

Klaasen dove in the recycling bin one morning and came out as a robot!

The leaves in our yard finally began to change!

Our church had a fall fest!  The kids and I went while Erik was at work.
The kids loved sitting by the fire!
They also loved carving pumpkins and entering them in the pumpkin carving contest!
Skogen and Klaasen's won "Most Scariest" pumpkin
Maida's pumpkin won "Most Friendliest" pumpkin
The kids love the fire even more when they pulled out the s'more stuff!!

These two are two peas in a pod.  They were matching at church on Sunday and both had mountain biking on their minds!

Erik went to an out of town conference, so this little buddy snuck in bed with me!
Sarena and I took the kids to a school picnic.  It all went alright, except for Torsten sucking on the community ketchup bottle.  That was pretty embarrassing.

While Sarena was in town, I was able to go on a field trip with Maida!

Sarena loved to make things in the blender at night. This particular night, I was downstairs putting kids to bed when I heard her scream!  I came running to find her on the floor, covered in white stuff!  The blender had exploded and we had stuff EVERYWHERE!

The boys had their well child checks with our new doctor!
Both of them are doing well and pretty healthy.  We just have to keep an eye on Torsten's dairy intolerance and Klaasen's weight.

Klaasen made a scarecrow for our front step.
Grandma and Bumpa came to town for Halloween.  Grandma read Torsten to sleep!

Cousins Natalie and Sarena came to town with Aunt Nancy!  We carved pumpkins to get ready for Halloween!

We write to taste life twice, once in the moment and in retrospection.”
~Anais Nin